Back Issues

A limited number of back issues of Counter magazine are available.  A list of these issues will be published on this page shortly.  Single issues are $5.00 apiece, but if you order four or more issues you save 20%, making them $4.00 per issue.

Postage will vary based upon your locale.

To order or inquire as to which issues are available, please send the following information to:

Counter Magazine Back Issues,





Zip Code:


Back Issues requested:

You will receive a response indicating the total and providing payment instructions.




  1. @mangozoid

    Just some feedback/opinion to share — is there anywhere we can find out what the cover looks like and/or what was covered in each issue of Counter? A bit like the ‘Latest Issue’ section, but one for each back issue?
    Also, any particular reason there are no images at all in the Bonus Reviews section?
    Otherwise, keep up the excellent work!

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