Alan How

Together with Stuart Dagger and Mike Clifford, Alan How formed Counter magazine in February 1998, having been involved with Sumo for some years. Counter quickly gained acclaim as one of the finest gaming journals in the hobby today.

Alan is a founding member of the International Gamers Awards and has served on its committee since its inception.

Alan was born in 1957 and is a Chartered Accountant and Finance Director of a consumer organisation in the UK. He has been playing games for over 35 years. The collecting bug started when he was age 11 when he realised that his games would last longer than his friends’ visits to the pub. To date this has meant accumulating over 2500 games.

Alan enjoys playing most board games, and while he only rarely plays war games now, he finds very few games that disagree with him. This leads to his positive and refreshing outlook on games, which is to look for the best aspects of a game rather than the weak issues. Alan enjoys game systems as much as playing games, with particular admiration for interactive game systems.