Dr. Mitchell Thomashow

ThomashowDr. Mitchell Thomashow devotes his life and work to promoting ecological awareness, sustainable living, creative learning, improvisational thinking, social networking, and organizational excellence. Currently he is engaged in teaching, writing, and executive consulting, cultivating opportunities and exchanges that transform how people engage with sustainability and ecological learning. A former college president and professor, he is the author of three books on environmental studies and sustainability.

As for gaming, he’s been avidly engaged with board games since his childhood in the 1950’s. He reviewed abstract games for the now defunct Games Journal. His game tastes are eclectic, and his interest range from Euros to cards to abstracts. He is a musician (keyboards and guitar), an avid reader, still plays hoops (at the age of 63) and loves to roam the hills of New Hampshire on his bicycle. He has been married to Cindy Thomashow since 1977. Their daughter Jess is a schoolteacher in Seattle, and their son Jake is an artist in Australia. He has one grandchild.