James Davis

James DavisJames M. Davis is a long time gamer who has seen the hobby grow from the pure hobbyist small beginnings to the successful force it is now.  His earliest memory of playing games was Pinochle with his grandfather.  He lost a lot, but he had fun.

Being a card-carrying, dyed in the wool geek, he gravitated to the other geeks in high school and was soon playing D & D, Cosmic Encounter and the old SPI or Avalon Hill games.  As each new type of game came along during the ensuing decades, he gladly tried them.  As a result, he’s willing to try anything from the deepest and most complex war game to the newest party game.

He is blessed to have found a wonderful wife who shared his hobby and who also loves to collect games.  When they were married he added his small collection of games to hers and the collection has slowly grown to more than 12,000 games in the 20 years since.

James is working at Colorado State University as the webmaster/graphic designer for the College of Engineering.  He really enjoys living in Fort Collins, Colorado where he tries his best to foist bad puns and his weird sense of humor on unsuspecting victims.  Since he has recently passed the half-century mark, he is currently practicing to be an old coot with the typical “get off my lawn” and “kids these days” phrases.  He still has a way to go to be a true old coot, but he’s making good progress.