Jim Reed

Reed - Jim - photoJim Reed pretty much played all of the popular Milton Bradley/Parker Bros/Hasbro games growing up.  He played a ton of the classics, including Monopoly, Life, Trouble, Stratego, Battleship, Uno, and Clue.  Some of his other memorable gaming moments were all-night Risk tournaments, weekend long Dungeons and Dragons sessions, and hundreds of games of Boggle played at his aunt’s house.
Jim got into the hobby gaming scene in 2004 through the game Heroscape and has been actively involved in the scene ever since.Jim has been a contributor on The Dice Tower podcast since 2006 and composes their show notes on BGG.  He is also a voting member of the Dice Tower Awards commitee. He is one of the hosts of his own podcast, Not Just Another Gaming Podcast, which is a proud member of The Dice Tower Network.  Www.njagp.com

Outside of gaming, Jim a Royal Ranger commander in his church and an active member in the Frontiersman Camping Fellowship.  He is a huge sports lover and also enjoys fishing, movies, music, reading, hiking and more.  He is also a partner in a haunted attraction in Mount Holly, NJ at the Historic Burlington County Prison Museum called The Haunted Prison.  www.prisonhaunt.com

Jim Reed was born 1975 in the small country town of Waynesboro, Virginia.  He moved to New Jersey in 1984, where he ultimately met and married his wife Anastastia in 1995.  They have a son and a daughter.