Paul Evans

Paul Evans has been been reviewing and writing about games for over thirty years.  He was founding editor of Games Games Games magazine, adopting the pen name Pevans to differentiate himself from the editor of Balrog Banter.  Paul edited Games Games Games for 12 years and has also contributed to Flagship, Games & Puzzles, Games International and Gamers Alliance Report. Since 1999, he has written in and published his own games ‘zine, To Win Just Once.”  (

Paul blames his gaming addiction on the rainy family holidays of his childhood.  Discovering miniatures wargaming as a teenager, he migrated to board wargames when they appeared and then caught the RPG bug.  The influx of quality board games from Germany in particular brought things full circle back to board games.  He somehow he avoided catching the CCG plague.  He plays games every Wednesday evening at Swiggers games club in central London ( and visits various games conventions in the UK and elsewhere.