Rick Thornquist

Rick has been gaming ever since he could move a pawn. In his early years he played the usual American mass market games before moving onto war games, which became an obsession that continued through his teenage years. In his early twenties, however, work took over his life and gaming went on the back burner.

A decade passed before a fortunate encounter with GAMES Magazine introduced him to the wonderful world of German games. He became obsessed and found some other gamers in Vancouver who were just as obsessed. Together they formed the Terminal City Gamers – the first German game group in Vancouver.

Rick’s obsession also turned him into a writer. He took over the editorship of the Terminal City Gamers website and transformed it from a local game group site into a center for daily news on the world of gaming. He moved his talents to the GameWire feature of Gamefest – an online game store – and continued to report on the world of gaming.

In late 2005 he moved once again, this time to establish a brand new independent game news website – Boardgame News. Rick was editor of BGN for one year before relinquishing the editorship to move onto his current project – a book that will tell the history of the computer game company Infocom.

Rick lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.