Simon Neale

Simon NealeSimon’s interest in games started in his childhood with such classics as Formula 1, Totopoly and Mine a Million. After progressing through Dungeons and Dragons his involvement in the board gaming hobby really took off following his first visit to Essen in 2006. Since then Simon has been a regular visitor and he likes to keep up-to-date with the latest gaming news on the Internet and listening to podcasts.

In 2009 Simon started writing a column for Counter, called “The Counter Guide”, wherein readers recommend games for a given category. Along with reviewing games in Counter, he also is a regular contributor to the Boardgame Geek site.

Simon prefers boardgames that have a strong theme element and are unique in some way or other. He enjoys gaming with his family, local game groups and friends. In 2007 to celebrate a milestone birthday he organised an all day gaming session with a small group of friends. This has now grown in frequency to a twice yearly event where most of the original group eat, drink and, of course, play games!

Simon was born in 1957 and after travelling the world as a Navigation Officer in the Merchant Navy he now works for a large Telecommunications company. He lives near the Suffolk coast in England with his wife and daughter, both of whom enjoy board games.