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Issue #77 is jam-packed with 120 pages of reviews, articles, commentary, discussion and more…all in full color!  You don’t want to miss Dr. Mitchell Thomashow’s excellent article “On Dice and Life”, or any of the outstanding convention reports that cover the best of Origins, UK Games Expo, Gathering of Friends and more.  This issue also contains over 20 reviews and more outstanding articles and commentary.


Here is a peek at the brilliant cover designed by Timothy Weaver and featuring the outstanding artwork from The Colonists:

So, what is included in this issue?  The following is just a brief overview of the 20+ reviews and some truly amazing articles.


Century: Spice Road:  This is the first release from Plan B Games and was a major hit at The Gathering of Friends.  The game has been compared to Splendor, but with more choices and strategy.

The Daedalus Sentence:  Earth has fallen to aliens and the few survivors are being held captive in an orbiting space jail.  Four players cooperate to escape their cells, avoid the aliens and their evil scientists, and make good their escape. The game features lavish production values (and a correspondingly high retail price).  Is it worth it?  Find out!

Islebound:  Designer Ryan Laukat is becoming well known and respected.  In this latest effort,  players sail their sailing vessel around an Archipelago that is rife with treasure, pirates, sea monsters, books, fish and wood, hoping to get rich.  Kevin Bender gives us a detailed look at this exciting new game.

Jump Drive:  Race for the Galaxy has been a gamer’s staple for years, but many complained of the difficulty in learning its abundance of icons.  Jump Drive is designer Tom Lehmann’s response to those concerns.  Does this new, simplified version measure-up to its ancestor?  Dr. Steve Owen takes us on the journey.

Kingdomino:  Winner of the 2017 Spiel des Jahre, Kingdomino by Bruno Cathala is a light tile-laying game that is sure to be popular with the masses.  Will it satisfy gamers?  Alan How tells us if this kingdom is worth a visit.

Papa Paolo:  Time to make (and deliver) the pizza!  This Quined Games release just may be an overlooked gem, and there is more meat to this pizza than meets the eye.

Railroad Revolution:  What’s Your Game? has a reputation for publishing deep strategy games filled with clever mechanisms and tough decisions.  Does Railroad Revolution continue this legacy?  Simon Weinberg lays it on the line.

Too Many Bones:  Step into a fantasy world wherein the players assume the role of “Gearlocs” and experience a variety of encounters, most of them quite challenging and nasty.  Too Many Bones continues the trend of using dice to perform actions.  Alan How tells us whether this is a world worth visiting.

Yamatai:  Days of Wonder’s latest offering is this sailing / adventure game wherein players visit islands and construct monuments.  John Humphries takes on the journey and lets us know if this offering is up to the high standards we have come to expect from Days of Wonder.

Yokohama:  This game was originally released in Japan, but the Tasty Minstrel Games Kickstarter offering brought it to a much wider audience.  It is a challenging and clever game set in the economic boom times of the city of Yokohama.  It is a finalist for the 2017 International Gamers Award.

In addition to all of these reviews and numerous convention reports, there are numerous other articles, including:


The COIN Series:  Simmy Peerutin is a huge fan of GMT’s COIN series.  Here he takes an in-depth look at the series and closely examines several of the games.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes:  Sebastian Blanco rants and raves about boxes, which come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are shelf-friendly and have components that fit comfortably inside, while others are bracket-busters or are filled with air.

Gloom of Kilforth – Interview with the Designer:  Gloom of Kilforth is a new fantasy boardgame by designer Tristan that features clever card play and outstanding artwork.  Alan How interviews the designer and learns more about the game and the design process.

These are just a few of the many articles and reviews that are included in Issue 77 of Counter.  Intrigued?  Then make sure you visit the BoardGameGeek store and download Issue #77.  It is only $5!

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